In October 2002, Betty Soul surfaced into the Lake County music scene. The five original members consist of Steve Chisenhall (drums, guitars, vocals), Todd Cotter (vocals, drums, percussion), Bill Groskopf (guitars, keyboards), Steve Marth (guitars, vocals, harmonica), and Steve ‘Wheezer’ Policht (bass, vocals). Each member brings a different flavor of music they were influenced by which provides the style and taste to the group.

Betty Soul covers an eclectic set of songs through modern day bands such as U2, REM, Green Day, Black Keys, The Fratelli's, Foo Fighters, and White Stripes to oldies such as Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors.

Betty Soul is on a mission to make all of their fans have a great time at each show with the handful of fun original songs they have written, to the high energy shows they provide.

Over 10 Years of Local Rock!!!!

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